news | V&U Open a 4th Gen audition!

2023-08-07 06:47:48

Do you thrive on spine-tingling thrills and heart-pounding excitement?

Do you think you have what it takes to work at a virtual amusement park and bring joy to people?
V&U is looking for enthusiastic and energetic employees to work with us at [HELLø Land]!

Check out the below for more information!

✦ Applicant Requirements

Supernatural, Cheerful Energy
Embrace the juxtaposition between spooky and cheerful. Spread laughter and happiness, even as a ghostly spirit. Positive vibes and a radiant personality are essential for creating a mesmerizing environment for your guests.

Unique Content Creating Apparitions
Captivate your guests with immersive storytelling and fantastical ideas. Present spine-chilling and engaging content to impress your guests.

Haunting Storytelling
We're looking for talented VTubers who can bring life to our [HELLø Land] members. Whether you're telling a spooky story or spitting out jokes, your voice will be the path to wooing your guests.

Impressively Enticing Interactions
Are you ready to embrace your guests in an exceptionally enchanting way? We are seeking those with the ability to create alluring experiences that go beyond the screen. From live chatting as otherworldly characters to interactive games and challenges, keep your guests immersed in this one-of-a-kind event. 

✦ Application Form


✦ Deadline

Thurs, Aug 17th, 12:00 AM PDT / 3:00 AM EDT

✦ Have any questions, requests, or concerns? Please feel free to e-mail us!

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