notice | V&U Official website has launched!

2022-10-31 02:13:26

V&U’s official website has launched today, November 4th, 2022. We thank you for your patience.

The website has various sections. Please explore the “About“, “Talents“, “News“, “Store“, “Schedule“, “Fan Work Guidelines“, and “Contact“ pages.

In “About“, you can read an introduction to our company.

In “Talents“, you can see a list of all of our talents and read their profiles.

In “News'', you can read news related to V&U.

In “Store“, you can see all currently available V&U merchandise.

In “Schedule“, you can check our talents’ schedule, and see upcoming and current streams.

In “Fan Work Guidelines“, you can read our policies and suggestions regarding creating V&U fan works.

New content, such as the backstory of our talents, will also be updated in the future. Stay tuned!

Thank you always for your support, and we hope you can discover new things to enjoy about V&U on this website.