news | V&U Entertainment debuts 2nd Generation, "Solstice"!

2023-03-03 23:58:31

V&U Entertainment's 2nd generation, Solstice, officially debuts!

After a near month of anticipation, V&U Entertainment's 2nd generation, "Solstice", debuts today! Solstice is a duo comprised of Amoria, a magical girl meeting her work quotas through streaming, and Amano Serafi, a bat-wielding angel waiting for Judgement Day!

All members will commence regular streaming activity on their YouTube channels from today onward. Check out these promotional videos to get a first glimpse of what Solstice is all about!

【Amoria, reporting for duty, live!】

【Amano Serafi, coming from heaven to raise some hell!】

Amoria's Debut Stream➣

Amano Serafi's Debut Stream➣

Solstices Debut Collab Stream➣

【Solstice Member Introduction】

Amoria (アモリア)

In the name of love, this magical girl is here to save you! Tune in to this hero-in-the-making's streams to feel energized and full of love, or else she won't be able to meet her work quotas at her workplace, MAHO PMC.

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Amano Serafi (アマノ セラフィ)

Descending from heaven, this misfit angel came to earth, hellbent on punishing all the sinners. Hide your browsing history boys!

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【About V&U Entertainment】

We are creating high-quality virtual experiences through virtual entertainers. We seek to show the world unique content that can only be reached through incorporating both South Korean and Western influences.

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【About Maro Studio】

Maro Studio is an animation studio dedicated to designing and developing creative content. Since 2007, the company has produced <Oops iKoo>, <Shining Star>, and <ae-aespa> - thereby blazing a trail through education, entertainment, and K-Pop. Today, it continues to push the boundaries as the incubator of V&U.

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